Start a Group



To grow the movement and expand the reach of our organization’s mission, we need YOU.

As a regional leader, you’ll join our Black Girls Jump team and host double-dutch games in your neighborhood or city. You choose a location, invite players (you need at least three people), and ask participants to register on our website.

Mission: Our mission is to preserve the art of double dutch and engage others in this fun and effective form of fitness. Leaders should be committed our mission, be outgoing, and employ a sense of excellence. We ask that you be inclusive and invite others to play while games are happening, this includes children and seniors.

Location: Choose a location that’s central for your participants, with parking, a child-friendly atmosphere, and a large flat surface. We like parks or lakefronts.

Games: Weekly games are nice. However, bi-weekly, or monthly games are okay, as long as they’re consistent. We recommend two-hour long games.

Promotion: Once you’ve decided on the best location, and meeting days and times for your group, let us know. We’ll help you with inviting other players and promoting your games.

Communication: You must ask participants to join Black Girls Jump on our website.

Images: We’d like you and other participants to share videos and photos of your game on our Facebook page or Facebook group page.

Local Sponsors: As your group grows, we’ll ask you to identify and work with potential local sponsors for your group. It’s beneficial if you can be the point person for local media.

We will support you and keep in contact with you.

We also believe in collaboration. So we welcome ideas and will help support your individual endeavors in any way we can.

We’ll also send you free merchandise and jump ropes.

By helping to preserve the art of double-dutch jump rope and encouraging others to play, you’ll get a great workout, have a blast, and help others do the same.


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