Become A BGJ Leader

As a regional leader, you’ll join Black Girls Jump’s team in hosting double-dutch games in your area. You choose a location and date and invite players (you need at least two other people).

Mission: Our mission is to preserve the art of double dutch and engage others in this fun form of fitness. Leaders should be committed our mission, be outgoing, and employ a sense of compassion. We ask that you are inclusive and invite others to play while games are happening, this includes children.

Location: Choose a location that’s central for your participants, with parking, a child-friendly atmosphere, and a large flat surface. We like public parks and special event with lots of atendees.

Events: Your events can be weekly, monthly whatever schedule you can handle. We just ask that your schedule be consistent. We recommend 2-3 hour long events. Hosting events is definitely a commitment. We’ll try to match you with other group leaders in your area who can help. View existing groups.

Promotion: Once you’ve decided on the best location, and meeting days and times for your group, let us know. We’ll help you invite other players and promote your events.

Communication: You must ask participants to join Black Girls Jump on our website.

Images: We’d like you and other participants to share videos and photos of your game on our social media pages. It’s beneficial if you can be the point person for local media.

We will support you and keep in contact with you.

We welcome ideas and will help support your individual endeavors in any way we can.

We’ll also send you free merchandise and jump ropes.

By helping to preserve the art of double-dutch jump rope and encouraging others to play, you’ll get a great workout, have a blast, and help others do the same.

Become a Leader

8 thoughts on “START A GROUP

    • Maria Paletta says:

      I’m not black, but I wanna join. I love double dutch n jumped everyday as a kid in Queens. I can start a Double dutch club with my black friends here in Nassau County Long island New York.
      Can’t wait to hear from you.

  1. SHARON MASON says:

    I have tried to form a group in my area before. I grew up on Doubledutch…i won many trophies…. i am intetested in preserving my childhood SPORT!

  2. Nakia Smith says:

    growing up in the bay area as a kid I use to be part of an oganization calles jump rope for heart. I would love to spread some double dutch love here in the bay. With your assistance and guidance im sure I can make this happen.

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