34 thoughts on “JOIN

  1. Comfort Bamiro says:

    Hello. My name is comfort Bamiro. I want to start a double Dutch team in my area of the kids. A lot of these kids have never doubled Dutch before. Which really surprised me, on Friday nights I volunteer at the YMCA Team Midnight League team program that they have. I started trying to teaching the girls how jump and twirl ,I have spark some interest in them which am excited about. I used do Double Dutch competitions. I was the youngest girl on the team I remember having a lot of fun practice wasn’t no joke but fun.

  2. Sina Phipps Jones says:

    I don’t know how to jump!😂😂😂But I would like to start something like this in my community in Long Beach Ca. To teach lil girls how to be lil girls!💯❤️


    Good afternoon beautiful people. I am so elated to see this art of double Dutch is coming back to show this generation how we use to do it and how it helps to build character in so many ways.

  4. Tonya Brooks says:

    I used to be a Double Dutch team manager back in the day. I would love to start a new team here and Toledo Ohio for some of the local kids.

  5. Rose Jones says:

    I’m from Newark New Jersey and I used to jump up all the time but I moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida and they really don’t know what it is too much so I would really love to bring it to Florida

  6. Bernard Jordan says:

    I love old school I would love for my grandkids to be a part of this old traditions of Double Dutch and single rope jumping now I believe they’re loved it like I did in my sister and cousins and families of the old time

  7. Latisha Molett says:

    I use to double dutch as a kid and loved it. I’ve been looking for some good ropes to teach my great nieces and nephews

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